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Saturday morning, no alarm clock needed ’cause Kid nr 1 and Kid nr 2 take turns in waking everyone up before the crack of dawn! After that much needed cup of coffee, we wash, feed and dress the little ones, and before we’re off for a busy day filled with tennis trainings, errands and family visits, I sneak in 5 minutes in the bathroom. These are not the days for an extensive beauty routine, with my husband yelling outside the bathroom that I don’t need to put on make up, but, unlike Mr B, I know you dollies know exactly what I mean with “just wanting to erase that Saturday morning tiredness from my face”

With 5 minutes to go before racing off, I’ve been reaching for the Philosophy No Reason To Hide Instant Skin-Tone Perfecting Moisturizer more than any other alphabet cream in my stash, and though Philiosophy products have a tendency of clashing with my skin, this is the first one that actually works for me. A tinted cream that promises to perfect the skin’s appearance by evening it out and adding a radiant, natural looking finish, and over time, a beautiful smoother skin. Sounds like a dream right?

The creamy texture is a breeze to work with, easy to apply and spread out, and the coverage hits the exact right note when you’re looking for a bit more than sheer but not as much as a foundation. Enough pigmentation to brighten my dull, tired cheeks, but not too much so I don’t look like a shiny  buoy. More satin-y  than sweaty, that’s what we want on a Saturday morning! The broad spectrum SPF 20 can be an added bonus for some, but as I already use an SPF 50 after my moisturizer, I don’t really pay attention to that. The moisturizing effect of the BB cream on the other hand is a big plus,  and makes that I can get a good 5 to 6 hour wear out of it before a retouch is needed.

By this time, Mr B and the kids are roaring to go, so I just put on 2 coats of mascara (Chanel Le Volume), a dab of Giorgio Armani Eraser Concealer and a touch of the NARS Multiple in Copacabana and I am ready, set go!

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  1. RavishingRoses says

    fab post!! love your blog. Would be fab if you could check mine out too x

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