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Eucerin Sun Dry Touch

Day 2 of a much needed long weekend, and while the sun may not have been a super trooper today, I still spent most of my day outside. And while those long, lazy, sunkissed summer days are still to come, I still make sure that I do not step outside without a touch of sun protection. You know the saying: “Just because you don’t see the sun, doesn’t mean she’s not there to cause havoc on your skin!”

When it comes protecting my skin from UV-A(Aging)- and UV-B(Burning) radiation, I have an entire army of protectors, but two of my latest discoveries from Eucerin Sun have been leading the charge against short- and long term damages. Both the Transparant Mist Dry Touch For Body SPF 50* and the Oil Control Gel-Crème Dry Touch For Face SPF 50 *have secured a prime spot in my suncare stash.

The Oil Control Gel-Crème Dry Touch For Face SPF 50  may at first sight  not  be a perfect match for a dry skinned lady as me, but when the sun starts shining and I start sweating, this one keeps me from looking like a sweaty, shiny disco ball. Thanks to the dry touch technology, it really is an apply -and-go product, and the factor 50 really is a necessity for my face! Add in Eucerin’s skincare knowledge, and you’ll understand the added bonus that keeps your skin in pristine condition by preventing hyperpigmentation! Just pop that bottle in your bag and take it everywhere you go!

Those days that sun is already putting in a first effort, and I ditch the trousers for a dress, the Transparant Mist Dry Touch For Body SPF 50 is a life- and timesaver when getting ready in the morning. High UV protection, a  transparant spray that leaves no traces, fans out easily and sinks in even quicker, and a key ingredient that works on a bio-cellular level to play bodyguard for our skin, this spray is easily one of the best options out there.

Oil Control Gel-Crème Dry Touch For Face SPF 50 – 50 ml – €17.5
Transparant Mist Dry Touch For Body SPF 50 – 50 ml – €21.90

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    great review! Love the blog would be great if you could check mine out too xx

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