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Silver-ing into Spring

I admit, I am absolutely crazy for any kind of print trouser, but somehow only in the summer time. I’ll hardly ever wear a printed top, the more streamlined the better, but when the sun comes out, I’ll go loco in the trouser department! Case in point: These grey and yellow graphic print trousers!

The excitement over a great print can only be surpassed by the perfect separate that makes the sum of the whole even better than the 2 components. This silver Esprit top has just that star-quality. Lightweight enough to wear when things start heating up, versatility a-plenty and more than enough pizzazz to oomph every combination to date-night quality! I’m actually loving it so much I’m debating whether to get two of them, one in a smaller size for that perfect fit, and one size bigger for that casual, slouchy meets glamour look. Esprit, you never cease to amaze me!

LLS Esprit top 1


LLS Esprit top 3


LLS Esprit top 4


Top: Esprit
Print trousers: Talking French
Shoes: Les Autres
Bangles: Noppies
Red nailpolish: Kure Bazaar – Rouge Flore

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