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A Kure Bazaar Perfect Spring Pedicure

Empty the contents of my nail polish drawer, and you’ll quickly see that my stash is very much dominated by one brand, Kure Bazaar. I’ve spoken of my love for this unapologetically organic yet trendy brand before (no nasties, no chemicals, much love!), and the amount of times it has popped over here is a clear indicator of just how much I prefer their polishes to other formulas (Kure Bazaar lovin’ over here, here, here and here).

I may have a stash that will last me from now till my retirement, but somehow I mostly end up going for these three for a springtime pedicure. Chloe is the passe partout, the gentle, soft, purple tinted taupe that looks good with any outfit, any skintone and every season! Feel like dipping your toes in a spring-fit folie, than Bikini & Co is a perfect match! Not pink, not too orange, not even too red, just the perfect, not-too-bright coral. Feel like taking it even one step further and really make those tippy toes pop? Then Turkoise is you best friend! A bright, glossy and true turquoise that makes me dream away, fantasizing about exotic destinations, white beaches and crystal clear, sky blue seas.

What are your go-to Spring and Summer polishes? Any shades that I must definitely give a go?

LLS Kure Bazaar 1


LLS Kure Bazar 1


LLS Kure Bazaar 2

LLS Kure Bazaar 3


  1. Anything goes in Spring and Summer in my opinion. Bright neons, pastels, beautiful deep dark colours,…!
    I’ve never tried Kure Bazaar but these 3 are all gorgeous… Might have to take a look next time I stop by Beautyqueen!

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