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Filorga Detox Body Treatment – Getting that skin summer ready

Bikini season is peepin’ round the corner, and getting that body of mine bikini ready is becoming more and more urgent. Losing 15 kg or 15 cm before July is going to be a mission impossible, but a detox for mind and body to eliminate all those pesky toxins is a first step in the right direction.

Filorga, the French medi-cosmetic power house, has developed their first body product, and it directly taps into the detox trend. We women all have our problem areas, our bellies, upper legs and breasts aren’t always what we’d like them to be. A little too saggy or swollen, a stretch mark here or a some cellulite there (Or all of those… guilty as charged), we all have our hang ups we want to banish. The Filorga Detox Body Treatment* is a nourishing body product that wants to tackle our 3 main problems: swollen legs or belly, sagging bits and bobs and dry, patchy and itchy skin, so it goes without saying that I am extremely curious!

Shea butter immediately soothes and softens my dry, pasty limbs and the red patches on my cleavage, whilst the glycolic acid in the formula leaves my legs silky smooth after a few applications, as skin is lightly exfoliated and purified. The detox part of the name comes from the quercetin and the plant complex, these 2 will improve the micro-circulation, boost the drainage of unwanted fluids or water retention, and eliminate those toxins that do nothing but make your limbs swell up! Swelling be gone!

Sounds like a heavy, nighttime cream? Filorga kept in mind that us women like our products on the go, and created the shea butter foam for this. Light and airy but a heavy hitter on my skin that sinks in so easily that I am wrestling myself into my skinnies 5 minutes later.

Filorga Detox Body Treatment (150 ml)  €29,90

Filorga LLS32

Filorga LLS 2



    • Me too, not every product works for my skin type, but I’ve never met a product of theirs that my skin reacted to or I really didn’t like.

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