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Lancaster Skin Therapy Perfect Perfecting Texturizing Moisturizer

Some brands have you running to the nearest beauty counter as soon as their latest release drops, purely based on name, hype and reputation. Other brands need a bit more coaxing, a gentle persuasion of sorts that will make you consider, think and rethink teh brand before realising there might be a hidden gem amongst their products. Lancaster is one of those brands, their suncare being the best of the bunch by a mile, but their regular skincare isn’t to be underestimated either. You just have to know what to use when.

One of the most-heard skin problems isn’t a pin-point specific issue, it’s a combined effect of stress, tiredness and general every-day city life that makes our complexion looks dull, reddish, and generally lacking radiance, health and oomph. An all-round burn out of your skin so to speak. You know, those days whe your sking can use a little Photoshop action.

That’s when Lancaster wants to put their Skin Therapy Perfect Perfecting Texturizing Moisturizer *in play. Quite a mouthfull for their latest range designed to literally erase any and every sign of overworked, tired skin. Pigment-covered micro particles gently blur away all skin-texture imperfections, while the enzymes and salicylic acid from pineapple extract softly exfoliates and improves the epidermis. Bonus is the bamboo powder, anise and eucalyptus in the formula, that keep those ultra shiny moments in check by kicking some sebum butt. No sweat, no shine, just a glow that falls well into the matte yet luminous category!

With my Sahara dryness, matte skin is not exactly what I am personally looking for, the allure of perking up tired skin was too enticing for me, so I gave in and give the Perfecting Texturizing Moisturizer a test run these last few weeks. First thought: “Ooooooh that cream looks pink in that jar!” Second thought: “Oooooh that’s what they mean with a velvet soft touch for the skin!” You guessed it, first thoughts were mixed, and a bit on the cautious side. That scary baby girl pinkness disappears as soon as you apply it, and even though I don’t instantly look 10 years younger, I do notice my skin looks fresher, more awake. A soft rosy, natural blush appears where there gaunt cheeks minutes before, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is, like I’ve slept several more hours that I actually have and I’ve just come back from a really relaxing holiday. It may not be the be all and end all in the moisturizing the department (there is a Rich Cream version as well though), but the other problems it does tackle, it tackles well! Combined with one of my two fave serums of the moment, the Acqua Di Parma Revitalising Face Serum or the Dior Hydra Life Serum Sorbet Pro Jeunesse (review to come!) and my trusted Pai Rosehip Oil, this is one killer combination!

Lancaster Perfect Blur LLS 3

Lancaster Perfect Blur LLS 4


Lancaster Perfect Blur LLS 1

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