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That First Esprit Summer Feeling

Every morning is the same story at my house. After a frantic morning rush to get the 2 littles ones ready (Mr B has to fend for himself :-)), I sprint upstairs with about 5 minutes to spare to get myself dressed. Often lacking inspiration and pressed for time, I find myself constantly reaching for the same uniforms, which also means that about half of my closet remains untounched. Additionally, with the weather teethering on the edge between winter and summer clothes, and  having just started a new job with a completely different, less business appropriate dress code (ie we can wear whatever we friggin’ want…), I’m in a style rut at the moment. Not good at all… Hold this thought!

A while ago, the unthinkeable happened. I had the entire afternoon to myself. No wee ones needing to be entertained, husband off with plans of his own, so after having photographed anything and everything that needed it’s picture taken, I started having some fun. In one corner: some of the basics in my closet. In the other corner, representing the Esprit SS15 collection: the casuals. A mutual love affair, Esprit has always been one of the brands that I’ve been drawn to, ever since the beginning. After their reputation overhaul a few years ago, I started adoring them even more. Their excellent price/quality ratio needs no explaining, and their collections, at times casual, playful and truely feminine, are going from strength to strength. A leisurely Sunday afternoon + some new pieces to play with = outfit ideas.

Returning to my original problem, what good is it to have some outfit inspiration when you’ve forgotten about them when it’s time to get dressed? So I like to think out new combinations and outfits when inspiration hits, and to really keep hold of the idea, lay the outfit out and snap a picture of it. So, next time I hit a dry spell in the morning, again not knowing what to wear, out comes the trusted iPhone and I’ll be just a flick through the outfits album away from rocking a killer outfit!

Sweater - Esprit / Pants - H&M / Cuff - Mango

Sweater – Esprit / Pants – H&M / Cuff – Mango

Striped Jacket - Esprit  /  T-Shirt  -  Esprit  /  Jeans  -  H&M  /  Clutch - & Other Stories  /  Necklace - H&M

Striped Jacket – Esprit / T-Shirt – Esprit / Jeans – H&M / Clutch – & Other Stories / Necklace – H&M


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