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Dior Tie Dye Collection SS15 – Love at first sight

Summer seems to be kicking it up a notch outside, but my skin doesn’t seem to be following just yet! In need of that lightly sunkissed touch, I’ve been looking at all the new Spring/Summer collections, but in all honesty, I’ve been too mesmerized by the Dior Tie Dye Collection to notice anything else.

A beautified re-interpretation of the seventies-esque spirit of the tie-dye fashion, Dior created beauty out of the hippie fashion favourite. Shades of coral, pink, mauve, jade, sandy beige and amber bronze fade into one another like a beachy sunset. More Saint Tropez than Woodstock, the promotional images are more than dream-worthy, and now that the collection is out, I’ve been lusting after it’s pieces even more!

Up high on my wishlist are the two Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Blush Harmony powders. Pink Sunrise and Coral Sunset are both limited editions, and they could not be swoon-worthier! A touch of wun for your face, these light up your complexion as if you’ve just returned from a long weekend on the French Riviera. Complemented perfectly by the sheer genius of the Backstage Pro Eye Reviver Palette 001a collection of 4 nude, neutral shades that make your eyes pop and your complexion take centre stage. This palette will be the newest addition to the permanent collection, so hurray for that as well!

These last few weeks I’ve been eschewing bold eye looks (another reason why that Backstage Pro Palette is right up my alley!) going for a a beautiful lip, sometimes a soft and gentle coral, sometimes a bright red, so the three lip lippies in this collection are making it too difficult to chose which one to go for first! Not only the new Addict Fluid Sticks and that beautiful sandy-coloured Addict Lip Maximizer make we want to pucker up, but those Addict Tie Dye lipsticks really get my heart racing! A series of 6 lipsticks with a second, contrasting colour running through it to boost the pairing! A brown softened by beige, vermillon working it’s magic on mauve,  candy pink and pale pink being the perfect pink panthers, rosewood heightened with fuchsia, violet as the perfect onset for orange and lastly, coral completing red. Sunset poured into a lipstick!

Summer wouldn’t be summer and elegance wouldn’t be elegance without a little lacquer on those nails, and why only go for this summer three must-have shades ( Sunwwashed, Sunkissed and Sundown), when you can tie dye to your heart’s desire! Enter the Top Coat Tie Dye! One coat heightens the natural pink of the nails, several coats will only intesify that effect!

Oh Dior, how you make me long or summer even more! Car à la plage de Saint Tropez…

LLS Dior Tie Dye

LLS Dior Tie Dye

LLS Dior Tie Dye

LLS Dior Tie Dye


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