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5 Things – The Wishlist edition

Seems like an eternity since I last feautured a 5 thing post here on LeenLovesStyle, but no fear, we are easing back into the swing of these (whilst trying not to overload you dears with too many product reviews…). First up, a few of the items that have jumped onto my wishlist (it is Wednesday after all!). Edited down to the five picks that have caught my eye, here we go!

* Reiss has done it again! Browsing their webshop for a few ideas for my little sis’  wedding later this year quickly turned into a full on love fest! Currently racing through my mind are the Alexia shorts and this Hermione top, and how breathtaking are those cut-out sandals? Or pair them with that makes-me-want-to-play graphic playsuit?

* The Christopher Kane for NARS Collection: Whenever NARS presents something new, I am all eyes and ears (NARS Fanclub? Where do I sign up?), and the very moment I spotted this new collaboration on Harpers Bazaar, I was sold! Based on the spectrum of reds and pinks used by Christopher Kane in his dresses, little pops of neon will brighten up your morning make up! Available online as from today.

*Clarins Mission Perfection Serum: I blame Katia for this one! I’ve tried just about anything from this French über-brand and have yet to discover something that isn’t up to par! This new release of theirs, promising to work on acne scarring, dark spots and pigmentation and overall dullness, has gotten me very excited and I simply cannot wait till it’s May release.

* The Scapa sneaker in black and gold: Breaking away further and further from their ladies-who-lunch reputation, Scapa is releasing their very first own sneaker. A perfect crossover between the elegance they are famed for and the rejuvenation they’ve been showing these last few seasons. Elegant and young, that’s a win-win in my book!

* BODO Jewels – The Fox Necklace: When a new jewel brand pops up, I’m interested. When the lady behind the brand turns out to be a former Belgian model, I’m intrigued! Walking the line between a delicate trinket and a statement piece, the Fox Necklace draws the attention without being too in-your-face, and I have a number of silk shirts dreaming to be paired with this stunner!

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