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A little beauty hideaway at home – Hülsta Lunis

Every woman needs a little hideaway spot just for themselves, to unwind after a long stressfull day, re-energize and replenish yourself or to just have a little moment to prepare yourself for the day ahead. In an ideal world, I would live a block away from the beach so that I could nip out for 5 minutes every day, but hey, unfortunately we can’t have it all…

Another thing I’ve been dreaming about to have for a long, long time is my very own vanity table, a little spot in the bedroom reserved just for me to put my make up on, take it off, experiment a little with new products or just fiff faff about as wel beauty-obsessed bloggers like to do. Obviously, with my well known soft spot for Scandinavian design, a white colour scheme and clean lines, not just any dressing table would do (many vanities have been vetoed because too frilly, too girly or too “bweugh”). An ancillary unit that would look equally striking as my make up haven as a sleek bureau, and combineable with a set of drawers to stash my overflow of products in, how’s that fo a brief? Fairly unfeasable, if you ask me, but then I stumbled across the Hülsta Lunis range, and it was as if my Pinterest Board had come to life!

Sleek, almost architectural,pristine and white, everything it needs to be to please my minimalistic, monochrome-loving heart! Complete with a perfectly sized mirror as the perfecting touch, I can just imagine it seemlessly fitting into my bedroom (though Mr B might not agree…). However, a vanity wouldn’t be a vanity without the galant company of a console or box drawer for my army of beauty products and legions of skin care, so would it be too greedy of me to want both because I can’t choose? Add in a little rose gold, copper or soft grey marble touch, and my deco dreams come to life!

Do you have a vanity or a little hideaway at home? How did you organize / decorate that? I’d love to hear what yours looks like!

hulsta - KG - LUNIS - 153009f3

hulsta - KG - LUNIS - 153050f3
hulsta - KG - LUNIS - 153009f3



  1. Holy moly, this design is right up my street. Scandinavian design is also my thing. I will be decorating my first flat in the near future and I’m beyond excited. I will definitely look into this beautiful range, thanks for sharing this! 😉

    • Very welcome! I already have several Hülsta pieces at home, and they are beyond amazing! Sleek lines, exceptional quality, modular, so adaptable to your needs! Can’t recommend them enough!

  2. Looks great, very cool.
    Mine is all IKEA, the vanity (the white one everyone has), the Alex drawers, and Stockholm mirror and sideboard. I’m still in the process of adding the finishing touches with H&M home goodies. I love it!

    • Thank you! I like the white canvas the Ikea ones give you, allowing you to spice it up or tone it down as you like with your own decorations, but there is something about this one that struck like lightning!

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