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Wishlist Wednesday: Me + Em

Comfortable Luxury and Effortless Elegance. When a brand is described with those tag lines, I am all ears! No one seems to have this whole understated cool yet feminine and stylish yet not too over the top down to a t like the British (Baukjen, Jaeger, Reiss, Whistles, I’m looking at you!), and when I discover a new brand that fits that bill, my obession levels rise to an all time high! Case in point: ME + EM.

Founded by Clare Hornby after a career in advertising, the brand focuses on her belief that less is more and is keen on providing quality lifestyle driven clothing for that effortless 24/7 chic we all seek. Perfectly blending high quality fabrics such as fluid jerseys, smooth silks and cosy cashmere knits with an obsessive focus on what ought to be the basics for every brand: a perfect cut, fit, comfort and finish.

“I have always believed that what really distinguishes a desirable piece of clothing is the quality and durability of the fabric, the precision of the fit, the perfection of the colour and a rigorous attention to beautiful finishing.”
Clare Hornby

Not many brands manage to obtain that effect of power dressing with pieces that are luxurious and effortless at the same time (not a 90’s pantsuit in sight!), and when you know their attention to details is so keen that every sleeve length is perfect and every pant is cut high enough so that you never have to worry about your underwear showing, I’ll happily bet you’ll fall in love with ME + EM just as quickly as I did! I could easily update my capsule wardrobe with every single item pictured below!

Cobalt Pleat Fit and Flare Dress

Pleat Placket Shirtdeep_v_jumpsuit_indigo








Pictures courtesy of ME + EM

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  1. Love the simple and clean vibes of this collection — simplicity really is elegant!

    We’re an LA-based couple with a similar sense of timeless and simple style — with a few flourishes of our own, and we would love for you to check us out! We share business casual / weekend casual looks for both men and women. Please share your thoughts with us!

    Keep on Crushin’,
    Ryan and Julie

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