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The perfect shoe wardrobe – 5 pairs every woman should own.

Whenever I am having a girlie chat with my friends, a little downtime with my female co-workers or somer serious obsessing with my blogging besties, at one point the conversation will undoubtedly turn towards that very item that pulls at every woman’s heartstrings. A beautiful pair of shoes is a true work of art, and whilst I believe you can never have too much shoes, there are 5 styles that ought to be incorporated in every wardrobe. These 5 will see you from day to night, from casual to super chic, and will put just about any and every outfit together. Think about it as your little cheat sheet for the next time you want to go shoe-shopping.

A black pump

Also known as the cornerstone  of my wardrobe! A beautiful, slender heeled black pump complement everything from a skinny jeans to a cocktail dress, and will take you from the work floor straight to the dance floor. Matte leather or suede as you like, just try to avoid the shiny, cheap looking plastic ones.

Black boots

Another workhorse shoe.  Ankle boots or high heeled  and knee high, that’s up to you, but the secret of a good black boot lies in it’s longevity and versatility. a good black boot will be as stunning over jeans as under a dress, and will elevate or dress down your outfit depending on the occassion. Again, your feet will take  you all over the world, so better invest in quality! A good, timeless boot will last you season after season and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

A nude pump

Admittedly, another pump may not seem usefull when investing in only 5 models, but when it comes to versatility, this one will give the two previous ones a run for their money! Key is choosing the right shade of nude, which will elongate your legs into an endless form of elegance. Far softer and less harsh than it’s black counterpart, and equally compatible.

A comfy pair of flat shoes

Heels aren’t always the way to go, when you’re running around from one meeting to another or need to be on your feet all day long, a comfortable pair of flats is crucial. A black ballet flat is the ultimate classic (think Audrey Hepburn, not 4th grade ballet classes), but a gorgeous loafer or brogue is equally stylish. Comfort is key, so as long as they fit like a glove, have fun with colours, prints and shapes! Leopard loafers, neon ballet flats or classic cognac riding boots, as long as they’re comfy, they’re good!

A statement shoe

Now what’s the point of having 4 classics in your shoe wardrobe when you can’t have a little fun now and then. Every girl should own that one pair of show-stopping heels that will turn heads wherever you go! Bold prints, bright colours, metallics, intricate sandals or striking heels, whatever tickles your fancy and makes you stand out from all those black pumps!

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