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Vichy Ideal Body Balm

“Spring might be approaching, but when you have a look at my legs, you might be fooled into thinking differently. Crocodile skin and patchy limbs call for heavy duty body care, and that’s where this new Vichy discovery comes in handy. I can see you thinking “Another body balm article, Leen?”, but bear with me for a second.

Vichy may not get a lot of airplay here on LeenLovesStyle, mainly because it is not one of those brands that excite me, or makes me want to dig in deeper and explore more. Stuck in the “meh” zone once too often, I kind of not even think about the brand when in need of new stuff. However, a friend of mine nagged me to give the Vichy Ideal Body Balm a try, and now I’m hooked. When you look at the ingrediënt list, it’s no surprise either this one gets a double thumbs up, as it is filled to the brim with 2 ingredients borrowed from their skin care siblings, ie Hyaluronic Acid (a big favourite here on LeenLovesStyle) and LHA. Combined with 10 fundamental oils, the Hyaluronic Acid does it’s usual hydrating trick, while the lactic acid of the LHA smooths, sloughs and polishes away that dead skin build up I’ve got going on at times.

The 10 oils contained in this cream read like a grocery shopping list, one of the good kind: Apricot kernel, Passionflower, Corn, Rice Bran, Sunflower, Blackcurrant Pips, Rosehip, Coriander, Macadamia and Jojoba oils, and as slippery as it may sound, it is not one of those creams that still cling to your skin 3 hours after applying it. Granted, this is not one of those “hop out of the shower, apply cream jump into your skinny” bathroom musthaves, but it is a bona fide nightime treat! Time to treat those legs before those first rays of sunshine, but if you’re not a balm lover, the oil, serum-milk or golden oil of the Vichy Ideal range might be a better match for you!

Vichy Ideal Body Balm – € 19.95 / £ 16.69 / $ 27.50
Available at pharmacies and online

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  1. aliceyehpro says

    You literally sold it to me. God, it sounds better than good!

    X Alice

    • Thank you, it is indeed one of the better creams out there! There is something about those French pharmacy brands that makes them hit the mark, every single time!

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