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Me Time

A while ago there was a campaign from Swedish Mammoth Ikea asking us about our ultimate Me-Time moments. With two children, a full time job, a hobby I refuse to give up (that would be this little thing right here you’re reading right now, for which I thank you very much!), Me-Time moments are a rare occurrence, but sometimes even I manage to switch off, and that’s thanks to my ultimate 3 me-time moments:

1. A mask a day
Or any kind of beauty moment by extension. Any moment where I can squeeze in a little beauty action is a good moment! Whether an extensive face mask routine (triple threats are the way to go!), a cleansing, face massage quickie to end my day, doing my nails or glamming up my otherwise bare naked face, it brightens my mood and eases the stress. Frontunner in this category remains that pure moment of spoiling yourself that is a visit to your favourite hairdresser. The chit chat, the head massage, the capable fingers of the hair stylist colouring, cuting and washing all excess baggage from your hair and head. And all I need to do is sit down, have a cup of tea (or three…), chat about everything but the weather, read some magazines and take the obligatory mid-session scary selfie! #atthehairdresser #metime #relaxation!

2. A spot of shopping

Nothing like a spot of shopping to uwind, and especially the kind of shopping when you’re not dragging around town with a husband or a kid in tow. The kind of shopping where you can quietly take your time to browse the latest collections and try out whatever takes your fancy, to uumm and aaaah and twist and turn in the fitting room, wondering if this looks good on you or if it makes your bum or belly look big, and all that without a nagging toddler or a bored, impatient other half, waiting outside, tapping their foot. Pure bliss!

3. Magazine madness

Fashion magazines, beauty spreads, home deco pieces, I love reading them all. My corner of the sofa, a hot, steaming mug of tea, a blanket for those cold days and a magazine, and that’s it, I’m off to La-La-Land, completely disconnected from what’s happening around me. Lost in the wonders of Elle Home, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle or any other French, English or Dutch publication, it takes an earthquake to bring me back to earth!


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