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Narciso Rodriguez A/W 15

I am not a professional fashionblogger by any means, but that doens’t mean that a) I don”t follow fashion and the endless caroussel of fashion weeks, and b) I don’t like to put in my 2 cents. As I must have told you over and over again (thank you so much for sticking with me!), I am not one for fuss and frills , Italian exuberance, fireworks and tropical prints have never been my cup of tea,  I’d rather be the woman supplying the oohs and aahs to the outfit I’m wearing than being the lady drowning in an overflow of prints.

Narciso Rodriguez, maestro of American femininity, understands this better than anyone else. Clean lines, sleek cuts and perfect fits make for striking pieces that are so ridiculously pretty that you cannot help yourself, you just have to stop, breathe and take it all in. Prime example: his A/W 15 show  at New York Fashion Week. Coinciding with the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, his catwalk may have been less sparkling than the fireworks, but all the more refined and lady-like.

Working around the key silhouette of a sleek long, sleeveless wool and silk coat, often paired with a fine knit, beautifully tailored trousers or a scuba crepe skirt, the collection excelled in black and white. This monochromatic touch was already majestic, but when Mr Rodriguez started adding mint, eggplant, rose blush and orange to the mix, it became utterly scrumptuous. Asymmetric hemlines, bronze and platinum sequin embroideries and contrasting colour flashes defined the dresses but the real fireworks came from the jumpsuits. Magically turning the woman that would wear it into a column of grace, these exude effortless style and elegance, their long cuts creating a fata morgana of endless legs and the leather top or cut-out bodices over sheer layer providing the perfect antidote to the slight masculine flare of the perfectly tailored trousers.

narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw33 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw30 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw27narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw25 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw22

narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw18 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw17 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw16 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw15 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw13 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw11 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw10 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw7 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw6 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw4 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw3 narciso-rodriguez-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw1138449_960n

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