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Sophie Bille Brahe

Every woman loves jewellery! A fact that is as true as water being wet, sun being warm and a crow desiring all that glistens and gleams. Some have a pendant for costume jewellery, decorating themselves from head to toe, dreaming themselves a true Old Hollywood movie star. Others prefer a more subdued aproach, gracefully enhancing their necks, ears, wrists or fingers with fine jewellery, exquisite in it’s subtlety and pureness.

Sophie Bille Brahe‘s designs for her eponymous brand ¬†definitely cater to that second category of women, enchanting us with elegant designs with an avant-garde twist that showcase her Scandinavian roots and her passion for astrology, clean lines, storytelling and elegance. A graduate from London’s Royal College of Arts, Sophie Bille Brahe returrned to her hometown of Copenhagen and started working on her own project.

With keywords such as modern luxury, elegance, poetic elements and innovation, her collections since 2013 have featured a modern play on pearls, astrology, delicately diamond dotted pieces and the reflections of precious stones and muted gold. Subtle pieces, such as dainty rings, bracelets and necklaces, that can be worn on their own or stacked together, each with a beautiful effect, or gorgeous earcuffs that are true showstoppers! Valentine’s Day might just have passed, but the Petit Hibou necklace, Claire de Lune earrings, Grand l’Ocean ring and the Croissant Claire earcuff will be on every of my wishlists for the next year (or 5)…




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