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Bobbi Brown Illuminating Nudes Collection

Who needs a corny Valentine’s Day box of chocolates when you have the delightful Bobbi Brown to lighten up your day? Whether you celebrate loving yourself, your friends, your loved ones or that one better half, love comes in all different shapes and sizes, and if anything, it gives you that beautiful, lit from withing glow that just exudes happiness. But who says you can’t help (aka fake) that glow a little bit?

This season, make up maven Bobbi Brown presents her Illuminating Nudes collection, a series of products that places the glow at the tip of your fingers, whether you want to go nude (but not quite) or go slap-happy. A glowy, healthy looking skin hardly needs anything else, so it makes sense that the prime product of the collection would be the Extra Illumination Moisture Balm. Creamy, iridescent and smooth like verlvet to the touch, this hydrating cream can be used as a day cream, a highlighter or an extra touch and is designed, as the name says, to taken even the ashiest, grayest of complexions and give it that “je ne sais quoi” softness that seems to radiate from within.

If you’re not a big fan of foundation, want to keep the radiance momentum going and definitely do not want to hide that glow undeneath a mask of coverage, but still fading out those pesky little bits and bobs, the CC Cream with SPF 35 in Blush Nude or Rich Nude is the way to go! SPF is always a great idea, just add a little swipe of the Natural brow shaper & hair touch up to get those eyebrows whipped into shape, and you’re good to go!

Lipgloss might not your best friend when you plan on getting a little (or a lot) of kissing action in later that day, but still, look at those colours! Almost Peach Almost Pink, Almost Nude and White Lipgloss can be used together with a lipstck or on it’s own, au naturel, and that’s how I like it. Lips will look that touch plumper and fuller, and let’s be honest, who can resist that?

Last but not least, if you want to play up those eyes as well, go for that seductive bat of an eye “come hither look”, combine your normal longwear cream shadow stick with either the White Sand or Golden Peach Eyeshadow for that extra intensifying effect and a hit of sparkle. They won’t be able to keep their eyes of yours…

Extra Illumination Moisture Balm – € 67 / $ 63 / £42
CC Cream SPF 35 € 38 / $ 44 / £ 29
Natural brow shaper & hair touch up  € 22 / $ 24 / £16
Lipgloss €24,50 / $ 25 / £ 18.50
Sparkle eye shadow € 31,50 / $ 33 / £ 23

Available now at Cosmeticary & Parfuma and other Bobbi Brown retail points



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