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Balmain Hair Care

A great deal of raving about this line by Katia has tickled my interest, and I am now on the brink of shelling out the big bucks to give this line a try and see if it is all it is cracked up to be. Haute Couture Hair Care does have a certain ring to it (luxury kitten over here, I admit it…), and when you look at the description of the two product lines within the range, it really sounds promising.

The Balmain Hair Couture comprises of 2 different lines, the Moisturizing & Volume Line, and the Styling Line. Both containing silk protein and argan oil, combining the know-how of the Parisian house and the strength of the ingredients to get that Ooohh-la-laa worthy shiny effortless chiq hair of the Parisian woman. Add that signature Balmain fragrance in the mix, and you’ll understand why I am so keen n trying this range. And as if that wasn’t enough reason, the packaging is a sight for sore eyes as well. Sleek, clean, no nonsense but packs a punch!

Has anyone of you ever tried this range? Is it worth the trouble? Should I give in?


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  1. Ohlala! Thank you for the mention babe, I’m a big fan of Balmain’s Salt Texturizing Spray – just picked up my second bottle yesterday. I reckon that it won’t be for everyone as it’s seriously sticky but I love the hold it gives my thick and heavy hair. There’s no other product that I’ve tried that works this well for me so I say: haul away!

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