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Pascaud Cleansing Balm

“One should never forego a good cleanser!” Let that be one of your 10 personal commandments! Cleansing is often described a the alpha and omega of beauty (hear hear!), and should trump any other step and/or product you might use or consider. A few moments in the morning or evening creates a world of difference down the line as the results of cleansing will ultimately keep your skin looking fresher, more even, and ultimately, younger than your real age.  Granted, I might have gone a bit overboard with my selection of cleansers at home (hey, a girl has to have choices, right?), but it does mean that I have an idea or two on what makes a good cleanser for my skin type.

Obviously I’ve tried almost any big name cleanser, the Beyonce’s of the cleansing world. But sometimes you come across an unknown brand, and underdog, and you’re taken by surprise when it turns out to be better than the big hitters and oily queens you have been using for the last few months. The Pascaud Cleansing Balm* did just that, sneaking up on me, and am I glad it did! A brand on the rise, sold exclusively online and via the Pascaud beauty salons, and a balmier, creamier texture that wishes to be a care-cleanser that respects the skin. Come and check it out with me!

If you’re, like me, on the drier end of the spectrum or are looking for something balmier for that relaxing nighttime face massage, the Pascaud Cleansing Balm* comes into play. Far more emollient than it’s counterparts, this  clear, thick and somewhat sticky balm is especially aimed at dry and sensitive skintypes, or those suffering from eczema, allergy, fatigue or stress-induced redness or itchiness. Right up my alley!

Argan oil, combined with oils from sunflowers, grape seeds, almonds and macadamia nuts provide the antioxidants and vitamins that boost your skin’s protective barriers and up the moisture levels, while the Defensil complex of botanical extracts such as balloon plant and Patterson’s curse soften irritations, diminishes redness and generally calms & strengthens the epidermis and gives you that general feeling of utter comfort after cleansing. The slightly fruity scent reminds of lush melons in the summertime, a play on the olifactory aspect of choosing a product that I can really appreciate!

Pascaud Cleansing Balm – 150 ml – € 37.65
available via




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