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Pinspiration – Winter Whites


As much as I love fashion, it  can be restrictive at times. No skinnies if you’re over a size 40, no black with navy (gorgeous colour combo though!), no socks with sandals (that’s just a no-no), no stripes with checks, and most importantly, no white after Labour Day (end of summer for all my non-American readers). 

As Mr B will gladly acknowledge, I was never one for listening much to others, I prefer to do my own thing. And to be honest, I just love a beautiful winter white. An outfit or focal piece that echoes the calmth of winter, the serenity of cold or the purity of snow, what’s not to love? Granted, it may not be the best outfit to, go on that family walk Sunday afternoon, but this combination of a white centre piece, accompanied by a soft dove grey, ice blue,  tender lilac or contrasting camel companion just screams cool (haha, pun intented!) elegance! I do need a bit more inspiration though, as my white skinny – breton longsleave or light grey cashmere v-neck is wearing thing. And what do we do when we need inspiration? Right, to Pinterest we go!


e5d694407602cabda47c39fa470b7bc7d18973d13483ef7c1a1edeeca4c578be 4093677fdc0cbfff32d90eec7d451985 8093b14a01a8efca13f46f471bf501e5 4143a8287eb6ff62840aa04451121f99 580cf9ea6b1761f246f56d1ef86a3ae73b40b3ec8677d260f8926d44de52056ef916c5d37c090683698c3933c2e1dc23


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