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Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile

Rose-based scents are often tauted as the fragrantic personification of elegance, and as much as I love elegance in all it’s forms, a scent based on the queen of flowers was, up to now, severely lacking in my collection.  Rosa Nobile*, the latest launch from Acqua di Parma*, honours the delights of a rose in a simple, delicate, sophisticated and beautiful manner. Just close your eyes and drift away to an afternoon stroll amongst rose bushes in a sun-drenched pristine Italian rose garden.

“Strolling in the shade of centuries-old trees, among lodges and staircases, a sensuous fragrance drifts – the strong notes of the rose. Its scent forms part of Italy’s noble gardens which, like a queen, it pervades with natural elegance. Acqua di Parma takes their unequalled charm to give life to an Eau de Parfum introducing new touches into the universe of Le Nobili, a collection of women’s fragrances inspired by the most beautiful flowers of exclusive and private Italian gardens, where art and beauty blend in perfect balance. Each one a unique fragrance, selected for its noble femininity, for its fine perfumed essence, and for its quality. Compositions designed by Acqua di Parma using precious ingredients. Each one is unforgettable. Iris, Magnolia, Gelsomino and the new Rosa Nobile.”

The Notes:

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin and Pepper
Heart: Italian Rose, Violet, Peony and Lily of the Valley
Base: Virginia Cedarwood and Ambergris

From the first spritz on, Rosa Nobile enchants you with delicate hints of what’s to come. Simply offering a promise of what is to come, the Bergamot, Mandarin and Pepper offer a first, fresh touch without overpowering the rose, simply enhancing it. After this opening dance, the Italian Rose takes center stage on, first with pure rose peeping out sharply before softly rounding out to a somewhat warmer, slightly sweeter touch when the Peony, Lily of the Valley and Violet join in. If ever pastel pink had a scent, this would be it! By this point, the scent seems to melt even deeper into my skin, and as it moves slowly into it’s base, the feminine delicacy is countered by the astringent touch of the vetiver, ambergris and the warmth of the cedar wood, echoing the rose buds fallen on the ground,

A true ode to a rose, from it’s green beginnings bursting through the soil via it’s prime season soaking in the sun to the soft end of fallen rose buds, Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile is a gorgeous scent, exquisite in it’s freshness, simplicity and evolution. Fresh enough to gently boost your mornings, and elegant enough to enchant your nighttime companions.

Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile is available in 50ml (€95 / £70) and 100ml (€ 130.50 / £98) Eau de Parfum. A matching Body Cream (€66.80 / £47/150g) is also available.

Available at Acqua Di Parma retailers




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    • You should give it a sniff, it has this complex, multidimensional, refined elegance that made me fall in love with it….

  3. Mary B says

    love the smell of this perfume:)

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