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Atelier 11’s jewellery makes me feel like a little girl again and wanting to join the circus

Atelier 11 at the circus

When I was a little girl, I had this fantasy (albeit very shortly) to spend my Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays at the circus school and spend hours perfecting my rope walking, ball juggling and trapeze flying skills. Even now as an adult, I still can’t walk by a circus without having a little daydream. Modern day escapism?

Daydream nr 2 usually goes along the lines of me having a little stroll around the Place Vendôme in Paris, peeking and delighting in one jeweller’s shop window after the other, taking in every gleam and glitter of all the sparkly diamond or  gemstone ring, bracelet of necklace that catch the rays of sunlight bouncing n. So when I saw glimpses of Atelier 11‘s newest summer collection marrying that childhood dream of joining that circus school and my Audrey Hepburn dreams of beautiful jewellery,  may or may not have squealed a little.

Delicate and dainty at the same time, these little ballerina’s, lions jumping through hoops, live cannon ball men, sweet elephants and other circus acts have this way of brightening up a rough or dreary day, a boring meeting or a stressy day at the office and make you want to plan your next adventure. Let’s run off together, shall we?

LB Girl with balloon LB elephant on plinth RI lion AR horse & starsAR elephant LB Juggler & rope dancer LB elephant on plinth LB rabbit & drop

LB Juggler & rope dancer AR elephantAR elephantLB Juggler & rope dancerHoops cannonPP TrapezeHK elephant outlineHoops Lion


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