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Procrastination Central – My Favourite Tumblr Hangouts


Queen of Procrasstination“. That should be my official title! Really, my time-wasting powers are epic and incredibly well trained. Reading mails and tweets when I should be reseaching, WhatsApp’ing my friends when I should be taking product pictures and to top it all, endlessly scrolling Tumblr acounts when I should be putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard), coming up with new posts and content. Many a draft is still stuck in my draft folder because I got lost in the deep, dark depths of my favourite Tumblr pages.

That is, until yesterday, when, in the midst of such a gigantic time-wasting Tumblr trip, I had a lightbulb moment, and figured “Why not share these beloved pages that steal so much of my time, and let you join in on my prefereed way of efficiently being inefficient!”

Online Stylist: Amanda’s blog and Tumblr have been a severe addiction of mine ever since discovering her little spot on the internet a lttle over a year ago. Stylish, down to earth, breathtaking images, and best of all, she seems to share my preference for all things minimal and monochromatic.

Italian Dipity: A recent discovery, but boy, do I love to get lost here. A perfect mash up of fashion, design, quotes and beauty, this is a the perfect place to dream away! Each month is centered around a colour, and that Santorini blue of August makes me want to paint a room that colour! Excellent taste, poured into a visual collection!

No Perfect Day for Banana Fish: Also known as my food walhalla. Every single picture makes me want to take the day off and spend it in my kitchen, whipping up batches of macarrons, cupcakes and basically everything else she features. 70% food, 15% fashion an d 15% deco, this one takes the cake!

Jen Pelka: A walk through her mind, that’s the best way to describe this feast! One to discover if you’re looking for something new.

Nordic Feeling: The name says it all. I’ve gone on and one, time after time, about my love for anything coming from up North, and this is no exception. Where others might be an explosion of colours, this Tumblr is breathtaking in black and white! Nothing calms me down like scrolling through this one. That Nordic Feeling indeed!



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