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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


Winter is in full swing over here, and where I would normally shove aside all summery cleansing milks for the heavier, balmier and creamier stuff, my cleansing balms have been severely neglected for my evening cleansing ritual, and it is all thanks to this Asian beauty!

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* is a well kept secret; straight from Japan and has been taking Europe by storm, and when you look at the ingredients list, it’s no surprise. Short and sweet, just how we like it : extra olive oil, rosemary oil, licorice and Vitamine E. No mineral oils, no added nasties, no preservatives and no fragrance. Nothing but the good stuff! So far, so good.

I’ve tried and battles with cleansing oils before, and never with a roaring succes. Not cleasing enough, not nourishing enough, too water-y, they never quite hit the mark. Despite my initial hesitation, to my bathroom cabinet it went. Two little pumps and a facial massage later, I was hooked! A thick, golden oil, applied to a dry face, massaged in “Lisa Eldridge style”, and it was well on it’s way to becoming a staple. First off, the soft scent takes some getting used to. As there is no added fragrance whatsoever, the scent is completely and only courtesy of the olive oil and rosemary extracts. As it is a thicker oil, it has this luxurious feel to match it’s golden colour, and this thickness makes that there is no friction when you spoil yourself with a facial massage. The emulsifying agent makes that rinsing off is a piece of cake, just wet your hands with cold or tepid water and you’re done. I’ve since tried it on anything, waterproof mascara, longlasting eyeliner and even my Chanel Mirifique, none of them stood a chance. Not a trace of make up or an oily film in sight

Obviously the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil can be considered a godsend for people with dry, sensitive and reactive skin such as mine, as it leaves skin soft, calm and nourished. However, as proven by Katia, it also has a way of working perfectly for oilier skinned ladies.  If you need to take one thing into consideration, and that goes for all skin types, is that this is purely and only a cleanser, so if you want to target some other problems or maybe do some exfoliation as well, I suggest you use this Asian gold as your first cleanser, and then go in with a second cleanser or an acid based exfoliator ( I often follow it up with the Radical Age Delaying Exfoliation Pads, and it works miracles on my skin when combined with the Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel). I would only advise caution if you have acne prone skin, best to use it as part of a double cleansing nighttime ritual and combine it with a purifying cleanser for the best results

Up to now, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil was only available abroad, but thanks to ICI Paris XL’s newest venture, THE LAB, it is now up for grabs in Belgium as well!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
70 ml – €11,50 / £ 11
200 ml – €26 / £21.50

Available The Lab by Ici Paris XL / Escentual


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