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Outfits, make up looks, new recipes, decoration ideas that drive Mr B crazy, whenever I am looking for some inspiration, Pinterest is my first (an sometimes only stop), before I start tearing pages out of magazines (yes, I still do that) and obsessively scour Tumblr. During one of those lost-in-the-corners-of-Pinterest sessions, I stumbled across this picture and crash boom bang, I fell head over heels for this look!

be6d2813d48268b0ba02abaaca50dd4bSkinny jeans, rich oxblood jacket and matching bag, snuggly warm oversized scarf, delicate jewellry, beautiful, radiant kin and a soft lip, this is the ideal fall/winter look come to life! The warmth of the wine red against the perrenial class and style of the dark denim, the oversized texture and pattern of the scarf countering the goody two shoes classic-ness of the jacket, and that bag, sweet heavens that bag! Switch the sexy pumps for black ankle boots and the silk shirt for a cashmere knit if you want to up the casual cool. Whichever way you look at it, the possibilities are endless! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and turn my closet inside out to see how I can recreate this outfit – *cue another shopping session to score the missing items*

Picture credits – Pinterest


  1. I agree! This look is great! And that bag…. It’s drool worthy!!
    Thanks for sharing you pinspiration. :0)

    • Thank you, and isn’t that bag divine? Perfect structure, gorgeous shape and a fabulous colour!

  2. Gorgeous pic, this would look good on you darling! Zo’n sjaals vind je trouwens bij ASOS, die hebben er heerlijke exemplaren 🙂

    • Thanks lieverd! De sjaal is niet het probleem, die prachtige handtas daarintegen 🙂

  3. That is a great look indeed! I’m scared of Pinterest, I think I created an account once but I really think I’d spend waaaaaay to much time on it ☺️

    • Thanks! Pinterest is indeed an addictive place, I’ve lost many an afternoon there 🙂

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