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My last deco inspiration (need some bathroom inspiration?) post seems to have had some internal snowball effect, because all I seem to care and dream about these days is starting over, clearing out all of my furniture and just start from scratch. Rare free minutes are spent om Pinterest and Tumblr, and the images that catch my eye all seem to have a recurring theme: lots of white, wooden floors, marble tops and natural light flooding in. Maybe that’s also winter, going back to the purest of forms, however that expresses itself.

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find that little nightstand table and Love statue of the second picture, I will love you forever!



tumblr_neh4buOTbI1qi73s5o1_1280 tumblr_ndnrnnnxll1r5rby3o1_400

tumblr_nf9e5j811X1r2lohvo1_400 tumblr_neklqufBMy1rmfv8to1_500



Pictures courtesy of Pinterest

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