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An Italian Christmas, Alessi Style

A_di_Alessi_KG_AMGI49_Christmas_SpiralAn overly excited tweet on my part earlier this week made it already overly clear, but just in case that you missed it, allow me to repaint the picture for you: November 25, I wake up to grey, overcast skies, chilly temperatures and the lingering scent of the previous night’s scented candle (this one, if you were wondering), but all of a sudden I realized the one thing that would make my week: Only one more month to go before Christmas! True, I have been spamming you since early Novermber with my Christmas cheer, and by December 15, you’ll probably be begging me to stop, but for now, I’ll just keep getting into that X-Mas cheer and hopefully infect you along the way as well.

This month is the one month I forego all my monochromatic preferences and Scandinavian streamlining obsessions, all ideas of capsule collections and strictly curated decorations go straight out of the window. Out come the tealight holders, the red and gold ornaments, and above, my dearly beloved and extremely cherished Alessi Christmas collection. What started as one small gift from Mr B quickly developped into a grand romance, love with a capital L (read the full story here). A cookie platter or a star ornament might have been added to the collection somewhere along the way, but the figurines were always the main focus here at Casa Di LeenLovesStyle. Proudly displayed on my liquor cabinet, sweet baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and many more take center stage against a backdrop of red and gold.

However, about two years ago, Alessi added another ingredient to this mix, and that just createed room for a whole new obsession.  Taking over from Massimo Giacom, who designs the figurines, the Alessi Christmas Tree ornaments are from the hand of Marcello Jori, and they have that same tongue in cheek quality that I so love about the brand. Glittery and colourful enough to enchant my kids, but infused with a sense of humour and history to enrapture the adults! New this year (and thus to my tree) are  ‘Babbonatale’ aka Santa Claus, his helper ‘Babbarenna’,  snow flake ‘Fioccodineve’ and the wise owl ‘Uffoguffo. Made of glass and hand painted, these lay not be the ornaments you put in the lower half of the tree if you have small children like myself, and unless you plan on going all out with a 3 m high giant tree, I suggest going for the smaller sized versions of the ornaments.

All that’s needed is that Italian Nonna!

‘Babbonatale’, ‘Babbarenna’, ‘Fioccodineve’ & ‘Uffoguffo’. € 16/£13.05/$26 / single, big version, € 25/£17.96/$38 / set, small version


A_di_Alessi_KG_AMGI48_Happy_SnowtimeAlessi_KG_Let_it_Snow_cookie_jar (1)

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