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Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche

P1070047If you’re looking for a new fragrance this season, but not quite ready to spritz on the heaviness of the Tom Ford’s of the olifactory universe, Roger & Gallet is the one brand you can always rely to cater to your every need (or preference). Fresh this season and perfect to warm up these chilly pre-winter days, their latest offering Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche* is been all I’ve been wearing these last few weeks.

Inspired by a travel stopover in exotic Zanzibar, the scent’s creators Alberto Morillas and Amandine Clerc-Marie wanted to place ginger in the spotlight. At times energising, fresh, sensual or a comforting warmth, ginger has a multitude of facets, and this fragrance is an ode to each and every one of them. Fresh ginger, combined with notes of juicy mandarin, lychee and pomegranate and orange blossom give it a sweet touch, which is countered by ginger flower (a scent similar to lilies), crystallised ginger, cedar wood and white musk for a touch of earthy, powdery warmth. The Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche really is a study in contrasts, fruity without being too sweet, fresh and floral but still with a spicy kick, warm and feminine without being too present or overpowering.

I heard someone describe this as a vibrant and addictive fragrance that can be worn everyday, and that about sums it up correctly. I keep sniffing my wrist every 15 minutes each time I wear this, As it is an Eau Fraiche, this doesn’t last all day on me, but I don’t mind topping it up with a few spritzes for an afternoon boost. Moreover, I tend to go for this in the morning, a few sprays here and there wake me right up, and off we go! Roger & Gallet, je vous adore!


30 ml – € 19,30/£15.50 & 100 ml – € 42,50/£34.14

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