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Deco Dreams – Bathroom Inspiration

Sundays are for lounging, for dreaming, for relaxing! As a typical grey, dreary November Sunday afternoon passes by, the bathroom is the perfect space to retreat for a little well deserved spot of rest and relaxation. Close that door behind you, light as many candles as you like, draw a bath with some relaxing oils and that book or magazine you’ve been wanting to read all week. Face masks at the ready ( triple threat mask combinations are perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon ), and sink away in that perfect bliss!

Sunday afternoons are also for dreaming (and sketching) about that perfect interior, and when interior dreaming meets bathroom inspirations, that’s when a Sunday afternoon is truly well spent! It might be a while before my husband will let me a re-do of our bathroom, but in the meantime, I know what I want. White, airy, calming, almost zen-like and more than enough storage space so that a few select products can stand out as decorative beauties. And now, time to draw that bath and enter relaxation heaven…

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