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Garancia Immortal Express Shot


Marseille, La Douce France. A young girl, growing up in her great-grandfather’s pharmacie, discovers a passion for botanics and plant-based cosmetics, and rooted in that early passion and with generations worth of knowledge of plants and their cosmetic properties running through her veins, Savéria Coste founded her own brand, Garancia, or as she likes to call it “l’alchimie botanique du futur” (the botanical alchemy of the future). A brand not quike like the rest, the product names seem to come straight from the Wicked Witch of the East’s book of Potions, and each of her offerings is a bit of a wizarding trick.

10 years ago, Garancia launched their first product, the Pschtt Magique,  and French women everywhere just flocked en masse to their local pharmacie or Sephora. This exfoliating mousse really put a spell on everyone that tried it  * note to self – must do a separate post on the Pschtt Magique, would’t be too kind of me to just leave you hanging here like this, now would it. And it’s just that incredibly good! *

A decade later, and the magic has only gotten better. Presented as the ultimate sorcerer’s trick, a chip of the Philosopher’s Stone, the Immortal Express Shot* is a 15 day treatment designed to have the same results as collagen injections, only without those pesky needles. Dragon’s blood, known for it’s healing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties, has been encapsuated in Garancia’s patented MG6P molecule to create a “pre-activated source of bioenergy for the skin”. If this sounds like a whole lot of hocus pocus to you, no worries, I didn’t get it at first either. English translation: Tired skin that shows signs of stress, ageing of environmental pollution needs collagen and elastin boosts (amongst others! drink water, don’t smoke, take care of your skin, you know the drill! ) to erase those fine lines, reduce wrinkles and get that much coveted younger-looking glow back.

Sounds all very well, but can it really deliver? Has it magically transformed me from a tired looking mum of 2 whose daughter won’t sleep (not a good look!) to the ideal world version of me? Yes and no. The cure is designed to use use twice a day as a serum, a rule I duly follow in combination with a face oil and a moistuizer in the morning (Aesop Fabulous Oil and Verso Day Cream for those that are interested) and with just my beloved Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil at night. First surprise is the hydrating aspect, unlike many other anti-ageing serums it also injects a little hydration in my skin, instead of seemingly drying it out even further. Bonus points! Fine lines seem to have disappeared when I look for them in the mirror (yes I do that..), there is a lot more flexibility to skin and my skin tone has evened out more. Of course I need to be realistic in my expections, I’ll never look 21 again, nor should I be trying. But the other day my colleague told me I looked good, and asked me what I’d done differently! And when your colleague asks you that on the day that you’ve only slept 3 hours and didn’t even have the time to apply any make up in the morning besides the Origins VitaZing and some NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, you know you’ve stumbled onto a winner! Ding Ding, the witch is dead, but her potion is here to stay!

Available in Belgium, The UK, France and the Netherlands via Farmaline – € 62.30
Should you have any questions or want more info about Garancia, you can get in touch with them via +32 (0)24 54 12 40.





  1. This really sounds pretty promising! I’ve only tried one Garancia product so far + a couple of samples, but so far I like what I’ve tried 🙂

    • I really like it as well, and am very curious about the other products, which is always a good sign. Which product did you try?

  2. Thanks hon! It does sound good, and it delivers on it’s promise, which isn’t always the case with this type of products. The brand truly is a discovery, I’ve got my eye on some of the other products as well, including the Bal Masqué. Little C, well let’s just say she’s in a bit of a diva period at the moment 🙂

  3. You always look flawless hon’! Sounds good though, I fell in love with Garancia too. Hope little C sleeps better tonight 😉

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