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Christmas Wishlist – Acqua di Parma Candela Gemme Argento

November 1st has just passed, and that always seems to be the moment for me to shift my focus and get into that deco mode that I so clearly lack in the summer. Fresh flowers remain a constant year round, but come summer, I pretty much want to come out of hibernation and into the light, so all interest in cozy-ing up the house seems to vanish into thin air. Indian Summer marks the beginning of colder seasons ahead, and thereby slowly lighting that spark that brings out my inner deco designer. The leaves start tumbling down, the air has a chillier feel to it and the sun turns a different kind of yellow, somewhat more orange, casting a beautiful light on the caleidoscope of reds, oranges, yellows and greens on the ground.  Same as last year, I welcomed Autumn into our home by making this Autumn in a bowl, and now that October has officially come and gone, I can up the ante even more and start celebrating those wonderful two months that build up to the festive highlight of my year, Christmas!

1 Candela Natale 2It may still be a tad too early to bust out my beloved Alessi Christmas ornaments, but this new, limited edition offering from Acqua di Parma is the perfect way to ease into the embrace of winter and start that Yuletide countdown. Lighting a candle is the perfect way to wind down after a long day, and the Acqua Di Parma Candle Gemme Argentée has a way of making you forget that dreary day outside and transport you to the rolling, Tuscan hills for a true “Natale Italiano”! Part of the brand’s Fruits & Fleurs Collection, this artisan created limited edition warmly scents your room with orange, plums and bergamot, while the flickering of the flame softly shining from behind the red wax of candle allows the silver embossed decorations to cast their reflections. This one is more than just a candle though, I can feel myself getting almost lyrical about it. Hand applied, silver coated potpourri decorations, the perfect, X-mas captured in a scent feeling and I can just see myself adapting my entire colour scheme to this little beauty… that Christmas Countdown truly has begun!

Available at select Acqua Di Parma retailers as from now



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