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Hendrick’s Quinetum

A true Gin Tonic revival! Gin Tonic has seen quite the boost in “coolness” these last few seasons. Once the drink for avid restaurant goers and British gentlemen (or those wanting to be one), it has evolved into the drink of choice of hipsters everywhere. Dedicated Gin Tonic bars are popping up left, right and center, the quality of spirits offered often ranging from cheesy pubs serving low rated liquor to mixologist masters serving the finest spirits.

The secret of a perfect G&T lies in the marriage between the choice of gin and, even more so, the other half of this union, the tonic. Complementary at the least, the tonic has to enhance the subtleties and nuances of the spirit, elevating the whole to the next level and making the whole more than the sum of the parts. No one understood this better than Hendrick’s Gin, and in wanting to keep offering the best possible spirits to mixologists worldwide, they decided to research, create and launch Quinetum, a highly exclusive quinine cordial (don’t call it ‘just a tonic’)

Hendricks_Quinetum_Bottle_1 (1)

4 years of extensive research went into the creation of this support act, which resulted in a complex and unique blend of Cinchona Succiruba Bark (from which Quinine is derived)  and a range of botanicalsAn additional combination of lavender, rose pedals, floral lime and orange zest gives it a bittersweet yet soft syrupy touch, making this the best possible fiddling tool for the skilled bartender who takes pride in his offerings! Combine it with Hendrick’s, use it in a myriad of containers and lenghten it with soda for a refreshment.  The small, custom-mold glass bottle was inspired by an antique 1940’s poison bottle , not only enhancing that medicinal quality but also referring to the thrill and excitement of the perfect mix.

Not available fo purchase, this limited collection has been distributed amongst highly skilled mixologist, and can be sampled at the following first class locations in Belgium:

Sips, Antwerp
Dogma, Antwerp,
The Pharmacy, Knokke
Archiduc, Brussels
Groot Vlaenderen, Bruges,
Crown Plaza Hotel, Liege
De Alchemist, Ghent

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