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Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution.


Also known as the trusted friend for those early mornings or late nights where I just can’t be bothered with a full double cleanse (shame on me, I know…). Wet wipes might be preferred by others, but considering that I fall into the “wet wipes are the devil’s beauty tool” category, I would rather be caught waking up with my make up still smeared over my eyes than use wet wipes. Shortly put, no matter how tired or lazy I am, wet wipes will never see the light of day in my bathroom. Flights, fannies and festivals, people! Or flights, festivals and fitness in P’s case!

Saying that every micellar water is just about the same is like saying that The Guardian and The Daily Mail are both papers, and therefore the same. The Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution* is the Queen Bey of micellar waters! Touted as a cleansing solution with not only extra strenghtened hydrating properties but also anti-ageing purposes and anti-inflammatory boosters, and to be honest; from the French house specialized in estethic medicine I would expect nothing less. The logic behind this “super-water” is simple: continuous overzealous or insufficient cleansing leads to micro-inflammation of the skin, which excessively accelerates the ageing process of the skin. No one wants to look 50 when they’re 35. The other way around, that’s what we all want!

Let’s talk science, shall we? Micelles are primordial to the removal of impurities and other toxicities from the upper skin layers in a gentle yet effective manner, whilst anti-inlammatory and regenerating polysacharides are drawn from the main active components, rhamnose and trehalose, hydrating and regenerative ingredients patented by Filorga. Inflammations are put to a halt, moisture is leveled and divided over all the skin cells and transported throughout the skin layers and the regeneration skills of the dermis are strenghtened.

Obvioulsy, this miscellar water will never be a competent replacement for an extensive balm or cream cleanse, let alone a double cleanse, but for those nights when I try to be a good mom, wife and blogger and therefore run myself thin, this is a no brainer in the category simple but effective!

Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution – €19.90 for 400 ml
Available at Ici Paris XL, Farmaline, IU and selected pharmacies

*PR Sample

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