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Olivine Beach Hair and Body Mist


Blake Lively has long been one of my girl crushes. Impeccable taste in clothes, a baking force par excellence (just google the birthday cake she made for Beyonce!), a down-to-earth persona, and best of all, those long, blonde locks! The ultimate effortless, tousled do that many of us dreams of, but only rarely achieve (and, especially in my case, mostly obtained through a sheer stroke of luck). Mrs Reynolds might have those mermaid-esque beachy waves to render the rest of the female population green with envy, but I’ve found a little helper that aids my locks go from straight to straight-up Californian.

There are many recommended ways to create those elusive wavy locks, but almost each and every one of those include the use of a salt spray. Now I personally am not a big fan of using these sprays, crunchy hair that feels brittle is not exactly my definition of healthy hair,  but nothing beats a gorgeously, tousled, undone do, so when the Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair & Body Mist flashed across my screen, my interest was tickled.

Described as “a salt spray with a difference, not your usual ‘fresh from the beach’ spritz” , the Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair & Body Mist just exudes luxurious goodness! A glass bottle so beautifully crafted you’d want to display it combined with a completely vegan ingredients list? I am sold! 4 differents types of salt, including the Epsom Sat and Himalayan Pink Salt known for it’s hydrating and healing properties, are completed by fractioned coconut oil and aloe vera for their nourishing strenghts. A few sprays on damp hair before tousling it with your fingers, or even easier (my kind of hair styling!), wash your hair at night, spritz the Olivine over your hair, a topknot, a good night’s sleep, and hey presto, Gisele Bundchen has got nothing on you!

And the goodness doesn’t even end there! Not only is the Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair & Body Mist kind to your hair, promising to nourish it whilst pumping up the volume, it is also a real treat for the rest of your body. I can hear you think “Salt on skin? That’s a no-go!” Hydrated skin, with a light ocean scent and voluminous, perfectly tousled waves? Now that’s a win-win-win situation!

I may not have Blake Lively’s wardrobe or the time to become such a whizz in the kitchen, but thanks to this little multitasker, I have that everyday glamour right at hand!

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