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Menu – Scandinavian cool

“Home is where the heart is”, a saying that has long graced many a mantle piece, doorway or entrance hall. As much as that might be true for many, to me this saying only evokes images of overcrowed living rooms, ghoulishly printed settees and in-your-face wooden dinner room combinations with curly carvings adorning pine coloured chairs. Home might be where the heart is, but this home only gives me a headache.

Home is where calmth can be found. Not as striking a saying to be hung above that fireplace, but if anything outlines my deco mantra, that would be it. An interior, soothing to the eyes, where my thoughts can slow down, my mind can stop racing and I can just feel the calmth engulf me. Soft whites and greys, a delicately placed accessory and not too matchy matchy but complementary pieces. Quality over quality, less is more. Not surprisingly, I am a huge lover of all things Scandinavian. Walhalla is a house designed by a Nordic master.

Some of those masters have combined their forces in Menu, a Danish interior design brand infusing homes with Scandinavian Design Originals, one piece at a time. Collaborations with Scandinavian designers and international pioneers alike prove that Scandinavian design is more than a geographical location, it is a stat eof mind. Proof is in the pudding, so they say, and though pudding is better not served in this, the Wire Bin by Menu x Norm Architects is a prime example of the Danish power that I need in my interior. Misleadingy simple looking, this structure, preferably the copper version, can be used for anything from housing my son’s dinosaurs to mummy’s Vogues. Multifunctional and easy on the eyes, just how I like it.

9000239_Wire Bin_Copper_02_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_136037

However, it is the next piece that truely gets my Scandi-deco-loving heart racing. Proof that Scandinavian cool is a state of mind, this wall-gracing coffee table sprung from the mind of Taiwanese designer Kenyon Yeh. The Yeh Wall Table, inspired by cheerleaders doing leg excercises against a wall, would be the perfect complement to any interior. A design piece on it’s own, and when used a s a background for striking flowers, a fashion folio or a beautiful marble tray or some framed family pictures, it only enhances the effect or the piece placed upon it. (And you have to admit it, it would be the perfect spot to take those beauty product pictures.)

Yeh Wall Table_Location_15_Download 300dpi JPG (RGB)_172638


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