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Help needed!


Time to be honest! Ever since having 2 children and between trying to combine those with a full time job, a househould and the blog, my organisational skills have been tried and tested, failed and improved, put through the wringer and strechted to the extreme. Shortly put, they have been the cornerstone and foundation of my day to day life, the difference between (somewhat) smooth sailing and utter stress and desperation. The school/daycare/playtime schedule has been perfected, weekmenu’s are created every weekend and their wardrobes and daily outfits, well let’s just say I’ve got that down to a t. My beauty organization however is in shambles. Lost between products to test in 2 storage cupboards, a bathroom cabinet, a bathroom drawer, a shelf and a nightstand, my skincare and cosmetics collection is nothing short of pure clutter, and I forget to use at least half of the great stuff that I have, only because I don’t know where to look first. Additionally, clutter drives me crazy and turns me into a nervous wreck, so my beauty-time has stopped being that relaxation-moment I loved so much,… Time to whip my collection into shape! I bit the bullet and decided to take some snaps of parts of my collection (please excuse the terrible lighting and overcrowded cabinet…), and ask for your help! How would you organize this mess? What er your top tips for creating some structure here? Helmers? Muji? Alex? Trash bin?

I’d love to read all of your ideas and tips, just click on the +-sign to post them in the commenst below!




  1. ohmmyganesh says

    If you like you can check out my blog i organised my makeup drawer! I think the key is to add different colours and shapes boxes! I m actually working on a hoovering drawer inside my big drawer for more storage room!

    • Thanks, I really like how you used deco trays in your drawers. Clever use of your cabinet!

      • ohmmyganesh says

        Thanks! I cover everything in washitapes to make it look brighter, i want to build in trays soon so it can storage more, but i like it for now! Goodluck with your storage problem! I am obsessed with it since i watched shaaanxo’s organised collection on youtube 😦

    • Thanks for stopping by! There are indeed so many great products, that’s what makes the organizing so difficult 🙂

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