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5 Things – The Kids Edition


It’s been a while since I last gave you a sneak peek into my mind via these 5 little titbits, and this time, it is all about the little ones. Autumn officially started earlier this month, and, as if it was programmed as such by Mother Nature, the Indian Summer we have been experiencing for the last few week is slowly fading away, making way for sunny mornings, crisp blue skies, falling leafs and best of all, pumpkin spice lattes. As much as I love this change of seasons, when it comes to my 2 little rugrats, it means only one thing: clothes, clothes and more clothes. Autumn also means the start of a new school year, and my toddler somehow managed to either have grown out of or played a tad too enthousiastically in all of his trousers and long-sleeve T-shirts. Little Miss Diva of course couldn’t stay behind so she decided to outgrow all of her clothes as well in a matter of a mere forthnight. These 5 discoveries have made me hog the computer, whip open my wallet and fill up my children’s wardrobe faster than my husband can yell “Stop!”

* Mambotango: The champion of basics! Fun, affordable onesies, underwear, pyjamas and outerwear, available in a rainbow variety of bright colours. Bright and cheery, the excellent quality of these cotton pieces has turned this brand into a sure-fire staple in my children’s closets.

* Hubble + Duke: A little-known Australian brand that has me going gaga for their gorgeous printed t-shirts and moccassins. If only they sold these copper moccassins and this t-shirt in adult sizes as well! A perfect find for my modern day princess!

* House of Jamie: If ever the French je-ne-sais-quoi effortless chic has been poured into children’s design, House Of Jamie, though a Dutch brand, surely must have called dibs on it! This crossover Breton stripe sweatshirt is so beautifully French-looking that it makes me want to chouchoute mes petits! Ah oui….!

* Love Mummahh leopard loafers: Little Miss C can’t even walk yet, but these loafers have had me purring with excitement ever since I first laid eyes on them. Now all I have to do is decide whether to order the ones with the black or the gold sole. decisions, decisions…

* Tommy Hilfiger Dexter Bomber: As my son would say, cool dudes need cool jackets! Finding the perfect winter jacket for a high energy young boy has proven quite the challenge! Water- and  windproof, sturdy enough to survive his conquering the playground, forrest discoveries or snow adventures, yet it remains the perfect passe partout so that it combines perfectly with just about any colour in his wardrobe.

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