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Bombay Sapphire The Bar Bag


With our 12th anniversary coming up, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a great gift for my love. And while Mr B is an amazing guy,  an easy one to get gifts for, he is not! Enter Bombay Sapphire and the ‘Bartender on the road‘!

The classiest and most famous gin, a worlwide a staple in each and every drinks cabinet, Bombay Sapphire has just put an end to that ever-so-frustrating search for the perfect gift with their excellent collaboration with the New York hipster store par excellence, Barking Irons. Result? The Bar Bag! And whilst the combination of the words “male” and “bag” do not really project the most masculine of images (male bags are just a huge no no, no Gucci or Louis Vuitton print will ever change that!), this bag is the kind of thing that is  the making of a gentleman!

Inspired by the classic gentry style of 19th Century London, the bag is modeled after the old school medical kits one’s distinguished GP would carry around with him when making house calls. The use of soft pebbled leather and sapphire waxed canvas exude that spirit of gin being used as a remedy before modern medicine, an to top it off, it comes with a a full range of high-end bar tools such as a bar spoon, juicer, muddler, Japanese strainer, ice pick, pairing knife, jigger, traditional strainer, shaker & glass. The gin, however, is not included! Sacriledge!

The only problem I have with this perfect gift? With a price tag of € 380 per bag, I might have to hide the credit receipt far far away.




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  1. Seriously, gin not included? Tsss.. I would fall for the man carrying this bag though: good taste & gin? Hell yeah!

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