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Willow Roe for Goop


Gwyneth Palthrow is, at the least, a very polarizing personality. Some worship the ground she walks on, others criticise every move she makes and every word she says. I admit to leaning towards the loving her-end of the spectre, because goodness gracious, the woman’s got great taste! Her style guide Goop has a knack for doing great collaborations and has some to die for exclusives (That t-shirt! That clutch! Those tuxedo pants!) Newest Goop launch? The utterly beguiling Willow Roe for Goop jewellery collection, dainty and feminin without being too overpowering. The diamond inflected pieces just exude a soft touch of luxury, the triangular studs and matching necklace would be the perfect finishing touch to just about any outfit. An expression of understated elegance that is the core of femininity.

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