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Oakwood – It’s going to be a leather-y fall

Confession: I have a thing for leather. Not in a dominatrix, fetish club kind of way or as a Hell’s Angel waiting to come out of the shadows, but when done right, in a classy, upscale, it is the epitome of personal style. And edgy fabric meets Parisian chic. It’s the London style, but West-London that is!


Add to the above the wettest month of August that we’ve had in almost forever, and it would make sense that I almost yearn for Fall. Not having to wonder and ponder every morning what to wear, with that summer dress or short/shirt combo being too breezy, and the full on Fall outfits being too, well, full on. And while it may not yet be the time to crack out the leather pants or that gorgeous leather top that I’ve dying to wear, I do already allow myself to start dreaming about new additions to my wardrobe. Leather head to toe might not be the best look for me (or for anyone else for that matter), key is to balance them with clean cut, sleek and sharp pieces.

And for those new additions, I’ve set my mind to Oakwood’s. A gorgeous silk blouse or a classic white button down with that black leather pencil skirt, or that dress, just perfect to go from the office straight to dinner and cocktails with the girls. And whilst I’m still not convinced about the boyfriend fit (I’m no skinny minnie, remember…), I will gladly sell a kidney to get my mittens on that perfect, soft, will-last-me-forever black leather jacket. Time to stop attacking the keys on this keyboard, and start looking for a way to sell that kidney…


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