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5 Things


It’s been a while since my last post thanks to our summer holday, and while it was a very relaxing one, with some much needed R&R,  family time with husband, kids and relatives, it was also a fortnight of reflection. The sangria flowed (a dear friend offered me an AA membership…ooops), the children were in bed and many nights were spent talking, and pondering, and talking some more… Many things raced through my mind the last few weeks, and what better way to get started again than with my current 5 things:

* Change: A change of pace, a change of scenery, a change of plan. The kind of change that rocks you to your core, makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel alive and bursting with energy. It’s been a few tough months in some areas, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. A change is coming!

* Sun: We’ve only been back less than a fortnight, but as the Mediterranean weather was a bit of a letdown, my battery of sunshine did not recharge as desired. We had the fiesta, we had the siesta and we had the sangria, but we did not have the heat. Pure sunshine was rare, and instead of rolling hills and sandy beaches flooded with golden streams of light, we mostly had to deal with grey skies, rainy afternoons and a sun bravely battling to break through. Not exactly my idea of a sweet summer break…

*Aigle wellies: While this is supposed to be the time for funky flats, sultry sandals and wedges with a wicked pedi, Gods all across the globe seem to have decided that pouring rain and a thunder that would make Thor proud is the way to go these last few days (and no better days in sight *sighs*). If am going to have to wade outside, I might as well mke it look like I am ready to rock Glastonbury. Enter these Aigle Carelie Marine beauties! Well known for my love of anything marine- and French-esque, these wellies are the ultimate accessories to keep my feet dry. Blue and white stripes? Oui mon chèr!!

*This workout by The Londoner: Truth be told, I am probably one of the laziest, if not the laziest person on this side of the equator. Personal trainers make me run a mile in the opposite direction, 20 minutes on the crosstrainer and I am heaving like there is no tomorrow, and all those Pinterest images of well sculpted abs and thigh gaps only exhaust me even more. Motivation? Must be lost somewhere between my love for baking and my even greater love for eating! But I must admit to a certain dose of healthy jealousy rearing it’s head whenever I check Rosie’s blog (which is pretty much daily), and when she came up with this workout, I somehow instantly wanted to give it a try…Call me crazy, I know… Get up a bit earlier than normal, kids still in bed, silence all around me, go through this routine, and I am ready to face the day. Now, if only I could get the body and te wardrobe that she has…

* Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream: Rapidly becoming that fragrance without which summer can’t be, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy has been omnipresent since it’s release, and every time they release limited edition sibling, beauty afficionado are first to queu outside their local beauty hall to get their mittens on this. Splashes of pear, grapefruit and blackberries are softened by musk and coconut water, whereas the heart of jasmine, lychee and blue rain evokes memories of a rainy afternoon in the Far East. A bit more east, but not that far finds the scene of Marc Jacobs’ newest venture, the Marc Jacobs’ Tweet Shop, his pop-up shop in the heart of Amsterdam, the Bijenkorf. State of the art surroundings and top notch social media acces aside, this shop is the ultimate gift from Mr Jacobs to his fans. No need to break the bank to score that wishlist bag, tweeting is the way to go! Each tweet with the hashtag #MLDaisyChainAMS will get you a gift from the shop, and the best tweet of the hour gets that coveted bag. Pop in this weekend frm Thursday the 14th until Sunday the 17th!



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