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Holiday musings…

Spain Costa Brava Holiday

Only a one more week and a half, and we’re off… Not to the great unknown, discovering faraway places, extinct cultures or recovering from an 11 hour flight jetlag on a tropical white beach with crystal clear water at your feet. We’re doing the quintessential Belgian family summer holiday thing, ie packing the kids in the car, stock the car booth to the brim with clothes, baby stuff etc and crossing through France to spend a leisurely three weeks in the North of Spain. Having spent more summers there than I can remember, I know exactly what to expect from this holiday, and to be honest, there is something very relaxing about that knowledge. Fiesta, Siesta, Sangria, the kids-friendly version:

Fiesta: Probably the least applicable of the three, with a baby and a toddler there won’t be a lot of fiesta-ing, and a spot of reading in the garden with a gin-tonic after the kids have gone to be doesn’t sound that mind-blowingly exciting, but that is exactly what I plan on doing. Catching up on my must-reads is high on the list, together with culture in all of it’s forms: visiting the nearby hotspots (Girona, Barcelona,…), strolling around the city centre, cafés con leche and Bitter Kas at least once a day at our local bar and to top it off, a different kind of culture: shopping (sales at Massimo Dutti, here I come…). Days will flow together into one lazy dream of laughter, strolls and the Spanish sun caressing my skin.

Siesta: A longstanding Spansh tradition I will do my best to uphold! From taking little catnaps in the afternoon to being able to sleep a bit longer in the am, our Spanish adventure is the perfect antidote to the stressy day -to-day life at home. Batteries are filled, tensions are eased and muscles are soothed.

Sangria: Probably Spain’s best expression of culture and it’s longstanding and varied ancestry, it’s a true melting pot of all historical influences, from the Moorish domination to the French – Spanish kingdoms: Sangria, Tisana and the entire Cocina Española. Eating my way through my body’s weight in paella after having feasted on calamares and xipirones (fried mini squids), lunching and munching on tortilla, gazpacho, albondigas (meat balls in a tomato sauce), croquettas and other tapas or pinchos. Best way to finish any and every day: a copa de Sangria or Tisana with a delicious serving of patatas bravas!

Next up: packing!



Casa Batlló, Barcelona Spain - Gaudi

Pictures – Pinterest.

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