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5 Things


Sneak peek time…Here’s what’s been racing through my mind the last week.

* Family time: an off the cuff remark made by one of my dearest friends got me to thinking about families, time spent together and the quality and quantity of said time. Hearing her say how much she misses those planned and unplanned dinners with the family makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a great, easygoing relationship with my parents, sister and in-laws.

* Preen By Thornton Bregazzi for Nails Inc: It’s not easy for any nailpolish or make up brand to come with new, exciting colours that we haven’t seen before, but this cooperation between the nailpolish brand and the über cool fashion house makes me want to have them all, right here right now! Atlantic and Florida with a little touch of Deco Cuts is all I’ll ever need on my tippy toes this summer!

* Guess Mistry shoes: These shoes have been the object of my affection ever since I saw them for the first time, but having already bought several pairs of high heels in the last few months forced me to await the sales for these beauties to be mine. So come July 1st, I’ll be posted outside the shop to be the first one in.

* Packing: With only two more weeks to go before we go on holiday, my mind starts to get more and more preoccupied with all that I need to pack. With a small baby and a toddler, travelling means light packing is not an option, the kids’ stuff alone could fill an entire moving truck. But obviously, mummy would like to look good a well hitting the beach or strutting her stuff at night, so between thinking about which toiletries still need to be bought and what baby necessities need to be packed, I’ve been mentally roaming my wardrobe and putting together outfits in my mind.

*Still flowers everywhere: Roses, bright pink and soft white peonies and sunflowers have taken over our home and even though I am running out of surfaces to put them on, every morning I want to make a quick dash to the local flower shop for some more.

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