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A sparkling Friday night thanks to Fizz & Fruit

Imagine the following setting: a sunlit Friday night, a gorgeous chateau located in an equally gorgeous park, soft, jazzy music floating through the air and a constant topping up of the glass of bubbles in your hand.  The invite for the launch event of a new sparkling wine was what set this perfect date night in motion…

Organised by Mampaey, this magical night was the perfect setting for the presentation of their newest drink, the Fizz & Fruit Pamplemousse, as well as getting reacquainted with their other brands. Undoubtedly the star of the evening, the Frizz and Fruit Pamplemousse deserves an article of it’s own, so that will be heading your way next week.

In true mansion-style, each drink had it’s own bar in a separate room, and you could just waltz from the Infini Champagne bar via the Mouton Cadet  wine station and the Ile de Ré Cognac booth to my personal favourite, the Ungava Canadian Premium Gin hotspot where Ungava Global Brand Ambassador Joshua Broom was shaking and cocktail making the night away. Bombarded with historical facts, fun stories, receipes and cultural did-you-know-that’s, we sipped our way through Negroni’s (it was Negroni week after all!), straight up gin-tonics and a surprising cocktail of gin, white beer and honey. The possibilities were endless, and so was the night. There was so much to be seen, done and tasted that i completely forgot to take pictures, and the ones that I did manage to take are more shabby than chic, but they might give a little sampling of that night’s atmosphere.

Oh, and honey, how about that garden bar for our next garden party?



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