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Wishlist Wednesday – Tom Ford Velvet Orchid


Tom Ford, aka The Master of Sensuality, truly has the Midas touch. Just about everything he creates turns to gold, and the latest addition to his Tom Ford Signature Collection is no exception to the rule. Bold, glamourous, elegant and powerful, his ideas embody modern-day femininity.

Building further on the base provided by Black Orchid, the master now releases Velvet Orchid, an oriental floral scent with that same promise of being glamourous, unique and potent. Created by Yann Vasnier, Calice Becker, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu and described as a hybrid of Tom Ford Noir and Black Orchid, this scent enchanted me even before I had even sniffed it.
After opening with that same hypnothic and earthy touch as the original Black Orchid, the difference between the two becomes crystal clear. Honey, Succan absolute (purified rum extract), mandarin and bergamot take over, before giving way to the core of black, purple and velvet orchid, blended with jasmine and Morroccan and Turkish rose oil for that floralness. Other florals complementing this core are orange blossom, rose absolute, narcissus, hyacinth and heliotrope. Supporting these orchid soloists is a strong orchestra, rich in warmth thanks to sandalwood, vanilla, suede, myrrh, labdanum and Peru balsam.

Not a perfume for those days where you want to hide and blend into the crowd, this scent has put a spell on me!

Available at Parfuma –




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