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5 Things


I keep reading these 5 things articles with other bloggers, and I simply love them! It’s like a little sneak peek inside someone else’s mind, a small discovery of the person behind the blog. Some bloggers like to just let it all hang out in the open, others remain a bit secretive and keep to themselves, and as much as I’d like to keep the mystery alive, I can’t help but share the 5 things that have been racing through my mind the last week.

* Pillows: Ever since we bought a new sofa a few months ago (still waiting for it to be delivered…), my mind has been obsessing over new pillows to go with that new sofa. As this is the perfect excuse to throw out those washed out, ratty ones that we have at the moment, I have been searching high and low for new ones that are chic and sleek. These and these beauties from H&M Home are at the top of my list at the moment.

* & Other Stories: A few weeks ago, the & Other Stories emporium finally touched down in Belgium and opened their first store in Antwerp. Housed in one of Antwerp’s most elegant and light-flooded spaces, they do not only offer gorgeous garments but also their entire beauty department. Spoiled for choice, there is so much to look at but I am especially intrigued by their brushes. Having heard great things about them from several friends, and being positively surprised by their prices, I can’t wait to give some of them a go.

* Flowers everywhere: Peonies, lilies, roses or sunflowers, I love them all. If I could, I’d cover every single surface in the house. They brighten up a grey day, make a sunny day even more beautiful and have this way of deliciously scenting each room they’re in.

* Canon Powershot S120 Camera: As much as I love to write, I know that my photography skills are still below par. Highly recommended it as a small, compact camera for taking photos or filming, with an ultra wide lens and super fast reaction and performance speed, this camera combines the power for great photos and the compactness for taking it everywhere with me.

* Lindner Antwerp Skybar: Drinks with the girls will always be one of my favourite pastimes, and this summer bar would be the perfect location for our next meet up. Located on top of the Lindner Hotel in Antwerp, this bar is set to serve the freshest drinks, all summer long.


  1. I’m with you on all of the above, especially the flowers! And the pillows! And the camera! And every other single thing.. So, when are we going to Lindner’s Skybar? 😀

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