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C/o Gerd Cloudberry Facial Oil

The Scandinavian countries are the epitome of cool (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), and from these last untouched pure regions in Europe we do not only get beautiful fashion, but also some excellent organic skin care brands! Prime example: Care of Gerd, better know as C/o Gerd. Offering pure organic and natural skin- and bodycare, this brand stems from north of the Polar Circle and is by far Lapland hottest line.


Creators and owners Anne- Lena Wiklund-Rippert and Johan Wiklund were born and bred in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland, and instead of making the trek to the big city as most of the contemporaries, they stayed up North and created their brand in their hometown, using the purest of ingredients their surroundings have to offer. Paying even more hommage to their arctic roots, the name ‘Gerd’ refers to the beauty of the Northern Light as well as it being the name of both of their mums.

C/o Gerd prides themselves in being as clean as can be, ie “paraben free products, no synthetic elements added in our raw materials, products based on vegetable coldpressed oils, no PEG substances. In other words, a reliable and organic beauty brand that cover all of your needs.” Skincare has been split up into 3 lines, one based on Lingonberries for combined or acne-sensitive skin, one with Blueberries for dry or mature skin and lastly one containing Cloudberries to give a boorst to normal to dry skin. All three berries are local to the Jokkmokk area, and thanks to the artic summers with 24 hrs of sunlight per day, these berries are bursting with Vitamin E and anti oxidants, with sounds like music to my ears.

After squeezing out the last of my Pai Rosehip Oil, my face oil stash was looking a bit deserted, with only the C/o Gerd Cloudberry Facial Oil* remaining. Not being able to do without an oil, I turned to this tester and gave it a try. Severeal weeks later, this still is the only oil in my stash, and boy is it divine! An extra boost to tired or saggy looking skin, this little miracle worker has made me forego foundation for several weeks now. The cloudberry active berry seed oils combined with the rosehip (Well, hello there favourite ingredient) and the cucumber herb oil make for one powerful potion that feels ridiculously great on the skin. Gone are the greasy days of yonder, this oily liquid sinks in easily and only needs a few drops to instantly revive your skin. Redness disappears, pores tighten, tiredness gets erased and skin feels peachy soft, just as if you’d just had a 2-hour luxury facial. I’m nearly through my bottle, and a slight feeling of uneasy anxiety settles in my stomach when I think of running out of this Nordic treasure. If ever there was a sign of it being ‘a good un‘….

30 ml – €35.50
Available via the BioReine webshop

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