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Kirilove for Essentiel


Belgium’s own Anna Dello Russo, the gorgeous Tiany Kiriloff is at it again! Not content with being the leading lady of style, the founder of has put pen to paper and has created a special SS14 capsule collection together with Flemish power-fashionhouse Essentiel. Best touch of the collection? It was created together with her two mini-me’s, daughters Yelena and Eloise. A Mummy-and-Me collection if you like.

If you follow Tiany’s social media sites, you will undoubtedly have seen that she above all is a devoted mother, albeit a very stylish one. And with a mum as fashionable as Mrs Kiriloff, it is no wonder that the two little ladies love nothing more than raiding Mummy’s wardrobe and putting up a show in front of the mirror. And it is exactly that very wardrobe that forms the basis of this collaboration.

Mini me’s of course love to have the same outfits as their mother, and Kirilove for Essentiel well understands this. Part of the collection is available in both adult and children’s versions, and there are items especially for Mummy, and items especially for the little ladies. Bright colours, florals and a beautiful heart print plus gorgeous shoes and a divine necklaces, this collection has everything you’d expect from a lady as eclectic and sartorial as Mrs Kiriloff. Nice little detail, the drawings and florals were created by Yelena and Eloise. Personal favourites? The white bouclé jacket, the heart print top and trousers and the beautiful pastel coloured necklace, all as seen below.





Available online and in Essentiel stores.


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