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Wishlist Wednesday – Sipsmith London Dry Gin


A small departure from my usual beauty and fashion offerings, but stylish nonetheless. And not wishlist per se, as I already took it home with me, but coveted nonetheless.

Two weekends ago saw the 3rd Gin Fair in Antwerp, and as a gin-tonic afficionados (that’s putting it midly), Mr B and I made it a date. Kids happily playing at their grandparents’, we prepared ourseleves for what was to come with a luch at Ellis Gourmet Burger and afterwards, off we went for an afternoon of gin-tasting, cocktail-pairing and all round new discoveries. We saw, tasted and learned a lot, but there was one stand-out for me, the one that kept luring me back, was the Sipsmith collection. They very kindly let me savour each and every one of their offerings, and having never heard of this London based distillery before, it only seemed natural to begin at the beginning, with the Sipsmith London Dry Gin. Their version of the classic London Dry Gin is like a truely sensual woman, well rounded and complex, perfectly balanced between floral, spicy and zingy.


A selection of 10 botanicals and with notes of juniper, orange mamelade and lemon tart, this gin is the perfect base for the ever popular gin & tonic, but it can also be the start of a martini Mr Bond would approve of, or, perfectly timed with summer ahead, these cocktails! As whimsical as it’s makers, this gin is a little firecracker amongst it’s peers!


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