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Your thirties are a great time to be in. None of those insecurities of your early twenties, you’re somewhat settled, have a job you (hopefully) love, a great social life and so on. Life is busy, yes, but great. And as your life changes and evolves, so does your skin. Your skin looks great, teenage, hormonal issues have passed, you have your routine down to a t, but if it is the same routine as, say, 5 years ago? If so, you may need to adapt or tweak it a little, as your skin has developped other or additional needs ago. With the passing of time, pollution, influences from outside or stress from a busy job come the first signs of ageing, such as little crow feet or laugh lines, extra pigmentation or skin that looks just that little bit more tired than it did when you were 25. You feel the need to fight those signs, start taking some proactive action, as a plain hydrating cream no longer suffices. Unfortunately, it’s still a decade too soon to dive into the heavy anti ageing lines, so you’re kind of stuck in the middle, not really knowing what products to use, as the ones out there are either not enough or just too much.

Incorporating a product with antioxidants and an extra SPF in your routine is a great first step, as is the addition of a anti ageing serum. To find one product that combines those 3 qualities would be the proverbial bullseye. Sisley decided to focus on that problem, and has developed SisleYouth* especially for men and women between 25 and 35, willing to protect their skin and at the same time battle those pesky first signs of ageing.


SisleYouth by Sisley, the very first anti-aging treatment suitable for women as young as 25. Rich in peptides, it defends the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate, protects against harmful external, pollutions and reduces the earliest signs of aging, smoothing out fine lines and preserving the skin’s moisture for up to eight hours.”

Let’s start with talking ingredients, shall we?

  • Pea – extract: Protects the grown stem cells so that they can function at the best.
  • Soypeptide-extract: Stimulates and sustains the creation of collagen fibres, therefore firming your skin
  • Vitamine E acetaat: An antioxidant battling free radicals and protect skin from skin call damage.
  • Kiwi-extract, ginseng-extract and Ginko Biloba-extract: An energy boost to the skin, making it look more radiant
  • Buckwheat-extract: a second antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulates the cellular metabolism to counteract stress and fatigue so that it would not have an effect on your skin.
  • Sunfloweroil, wheatsugars and sheabutter: Intensely hydrate and nourish.
  • Essential oils of lavender and Litsea cubeba: Aromatherapeutical essences with stimulating properties to boost your mood with a fresh, revitalizing fragrance

Obviously my spring-chicken age of 31 places me right in the middle of the target group, so you can understand how curious I was about testing this product. First thing I noticed is that the packaging consists of a pump system, which means that no air can reach the cream, nor do you have to scoop it out, guaranteeing maximum preservation and cleanness of the product. Even though it is proposed as a serum (especially for those amongst us with dry skin), what you get is a creamy, white substenance that feels soft to the touch and immediately sinks into the skin. The essences give it a floral fragrance that you can scent clearly but is not too overpowering, and really does give that little, energizing boost, which helped me wake up every morning. As it is rather rich for a serum, I can imagine combined or oily skin types can even drop the daycream after this, as this will be enough, just as it might be enough for even a drier skintype in the summer. My skin looked healthier, more even and especially a lot less tired, and though I cannot judge the longtime effect on keeping crow feet and fine lines at bay, the ones that I already have smoothed out a little every morning.

The only con I can see with the SisleYouth is the fact that it does not contain an SPF, so you need to add that little extra layer yourself every morning. Biggest peeve however is the recommended retail price, a whopping € 140.00 for a 40 ml bottle. My bottle lasted me for about three months, and shelling out € 140.00 in one go does not fit everyone’s budget. If you want to invest in 1 good product that can offer both hydration and anti-ageing powers, give this one a try! I can only say that I very much regret my bottle being empty…

P1060449 P1060445


* PR Sample

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